Campaign against Climate Change


Though not a reader of environmental campaigner George Monbiot, honorary president of the ‘Campaign against Climate Change,’ I thought these two quotes attributed to him sum up the current position and what the ‘man on the street’ can do to get politicians collectively to pull their fingers out and take serious action to save Earth from catastrophe…  Join the march in London this Sunday, September 21st!!

“Climate change is perhaps the gravest calamity our species has ever encountered. Its impact dwarfs that of any war, any plague, any famine we have confronted so far. It makes genocide and ethnic cleansing look like sideshows at the circus of human suffering.”

“We need to put climate change right at the top of the political agenda — it is by far the biggest threat to humanity. We have to turn this into the primary political campaign. That means keeping on the streets, keeping up the demonstrations and putting an enormous amount of pressure on our politicians.”

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